Friday, October 31, 2008

Available Light / Grunge Photography

As much as I apreciate the quality and creative freedom you can get from a proper studio and lighting rig for your camera, I think a good photographer should always be able to get a good shot of any subject without having to use a flash bigger than your average soft box bouncing it off 16 different reflectors and basicly setting up a mini studio where ever you take that 50 Grand camera rig of yours. Its all about reading the light correctly.

Thank You.


Dan Malgas said...

you're so wise mark :p i share that philosophy when it comes to taking snaps... lomo is my favorite style and that's what it's all about. taking what you have around you and composing an inspired image.

*thumbsup (the hand gesture, not the club)

suzani said...

ek was nie bewus van daai foto nie? haha
coolness..fotos lyk hot. soos altyd.

Mark Reitz said...

brilliant minds think alike dan..
Thanx vir die interest in die blog en die thumbsup!

en dankie model:)

Dan In Real Life said...

Hi there Mark,

I came across your blog while browsing the net for photographers.

My wife and I are looking at having a sensual, eroctic, nude photographic shoot for our 30th Wedding anniversary coming up soon, would you be interested?

We are willing to fly you to Jhb and pay for your accomodation, as my wife is in a wheel chair since she lost her legs in a land mine incident a few years back.

We really hope the idea of a naked lady with no legs and myself, old and saggy, wont put you off the whole thing. Money is no issue.